Ask yourself, What does bliss feel like for you?

What is your deepest sense of bliss?

Angel healing
What does bliss feel like to you?

Wow, can you feel it? Our highest dreams are unfurling before us-
are you ready to step on the path of the rainbow bridge?..I am witnessing incredible shifts happening for myself and those around me..

But first, I’m looking forward to sharing creative high frequency energy upgrades with you, so that we can access our highest state of being together, but if at any time you want to quit the rainbow journey then the unsubscribe button is easy to find at the end of the email.

So, wow..

We are in the midst of an amazing energy gateway which is allowing us to release really deep karmic patterns.

This is a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with our highest state of being and allow our highest dreams to unfurl- and wow they are really unfurling..

What does bliss feel like to you?

It will really help to deeply connect to that feeling.

Try writing down all of the beautiful feelings, colours, smells, tastes, sounds to really begin to ground the sensation in your body.
It can help to take time to meditate and feel into what bliss really means for you at the deepest level.

It is important to witness, recognise and release any limiting patterns.

Your guides are always with you wanting to support your highest journey. So remember to ask them for help in releasing any patterns that no longer serve.

To me bliss feels like I am in that abundant sparkling rainbow flow, being the highest vehicle of light  This feeling inspired the artwork above.

It amazes me what we can create in our world when we blissfully dance the rainbow path.

The passage back to pure bliss can be challenging. I have myself been in complicated negative spaces where I have blindly sought bliss from external factors.

I can share that journey with you in the future as it may support your journey. I certainly know that now I feel so much more free, joyful, blissful and abundant.

It’s time to remember your deepest bliss beautiful soul- as the world needs your love and your unique strand of bliss! 

Let’s do this together

Hannah xxx

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