Free Spirit Ceremonies

Free Spirit Ceremonies

Hannah is a healer, artist and founder of The Free Spirit Network and the visionary Free Spirit School. 

Embodying the path of The Rainbow Bridge, the path which merges the physical and spiritual realms, Hannah guides with compassion to support others to release patterns which no longer serve through time and space, enabling them to fulfil their soul purpose as free spirits. Hannah holds powerful space supporting the spirit back to alignment, freedom and connecting with spiritual guides.

In her Free Spirit ceremonies Hannah guides the sacred Rainbow Circle to reconnect with their free spirit through healing meditation and ritual to connect to our highest guides through time and space. As The Rainbow Bridge Hannah supports others to fully shine their light to be of highest service to themselves, the wider collective and the earth at this pivotal time, thus embodying what has come to be known as the warriors of the rainbow light, the rainbow prophesy. Hannah leads the circle on sacred vision quests and the ceremony involves special creative expression activities.

The Free Spirit Ceremonies are tailored to suit your group/ community and incorporate sacred ritual vision quests and creative expression. Ceremonies can offer specific support for example to honour the divine feminine, as a rite of passage initiation (coming of age), trauma release, discovering life purpose and they can incorporate sacred cacao (sourced from an indigenous tribe and supports in the opening of the heart chakra). The Free Spirit Ceremonies hold safe space for you to connect to your highest potential and support our collective enlightenment.

The ceremonies support you to remember and to reembody your free spirit, and often connect the group on a profound level. The ceremonies can be very powerful and held in a safe, loving and joyful space by Hannah

Hannah offers the sacred Free Spirit Ceremonies in exchange for donation (and to cover travel and expenses) Non UK bookings need to be requested 6 months in advance. To request Hannah to hold a Free Spirit Ceremony for your group, community or on retreat please email us at

Free Spirit Ceremony training

Once students have completed The Creative Awakening Course, The Free Spirit School Course, and integrated the necessary one to one healing sessions with Hannah, they are eligible to undertake the Free Spirit Ceremony training to hold sacred space for a Rainbow Circle globally. To enquire about this opportunity please contact

The Global Free Spirit Healing Ceremonies


Are your ready to remember your free spirit?

As we return to our highest state of being- our free spirit we are processing a collective clearing. We are blessed to walk the earth through this great reawakening, spoken about and prophesied by many indigenous spiritual cultures and ancient civilisations.

Together as a global rainbow circle we remember our highest state of collective being, our free spirit to bring peace, compassion and beauty back to ourselves, the wider collective and the earth. As well as holding sacred Free Spirit Rainbow Circle ceremonies, Hannah holds global Free Spirit healing meditations, which you can connect with for free from anywhere in the world!

As we embody the rainbow bridge between worlds we manifest our new era on earth, where our compassion, gratitude and higher wisdom are the strengths which will guide our new era, thus fulfilling what has come to be known as the rainbow prophecy.

Wherever we are in the world we will come together at the same time to meditate. Joining our energy to remember our collective free spirit, our highest state of being.

What to prepare.

*Somewhere quiet to meditate
*Paper and pastels/ coloured pencils to note down any visions you receive.
*A glass of water
*Will you meditate alone or organise a global free spirit meditation group/ drum circle or share the experience with your family?
This is a FREE EVENT

Each month as we come together near the full moon we will share visions with you as tools for you to connect with. As you meditate you can either focus on leaving space to reconnect with our collective free spirit, or use the guided meditations on the link below.

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It is amazing as we share our visions/ notes/ drawings afterwards to witness how we connect powerfully through meditation. Email your experiences to

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