Hannah supports clients to connect to and express their Free Spirit, their higher state of being through unique deep energy healing techniques. In safe sacred space she ensures that you are not harbouring self sabotaging patterns to enable you to use your energy for the highest good.

During a deep healing rebirthing session, Hannah is guided by your higher self to release limiting patterns through time and space, a ‘spring clean of the soul’. Hannah’s rich sacred tools are based around a framework of kinesiology and expand into ancient shamanic healing techniques. During a rebirthing session Hannah may be guided to;

Past life healing, the channeling of past life wisdom, soul retrieval, removal of foreign energy, ancestral connection and clearing, connection to your spirit guides which could include your power animals, angels, ascended masters, star families and the elemental realm.

Hannah supports her clients with unique one to one sessions via Skype to include two weeks of email support to follow the rebirthing session. If you are a new client please reach out to Hannah to request a session.

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