Home Schooling Free Spirits- have you rediscovered your Free Spirit?

The benefits of home schooling and rediscovering your Free Spirits

For about 4 years now we have opted out of the mainstream education system in favour of home schooling our four children to support their Free Spirit.

This has been a miraculously rewarding journey supporting them and ourselves to follow our interests, our joy, through supported unschooling and interest learning.

We have been amazed at how fluidly and deeply they learn when they are exploring something with which they are interested, which indeed mirrors our own spiritual journey as adults.

When we allow time for play, then deep learning and remembering occurs allowing our Free Spirits to blossom and unfurl. This is a sacred journey which challenges our fears and conditioning.

However once we begin on the home schooling journey the magic begins to happen. I always notice that when one of us it truly and deeply interested in something then the universe aligns to make it happen.

The synchronicities begin to appear, as if kindly placed stepping stones appear beneath our feet.

The world really is our oyster.

As an artist, healer and Founder of The Free Spirit Network I can work around our lifestyle, and Tom my husband works in tech support so we are developing a lifestyle as digital nomads, allowing us to travel and explore the world.

Free Spirits home schooling
Home schooling Free Spirits








The girls recreating the Carnac alignment with shells!

Remember your own experience of school- what are your experience? What can you remember?

We all hold programs that no longer serve which inhibit us or are self sabotaging. These programs can come from our upbringing, school, past life and karmic programming. The more that we can witness and release these out dated programs the more we can use our energy for the highest good, to be living in the flow as Free Spirits.

Do you remember your own Free Spirit? I say remember because in highest spiritual truth we are all connected as energy, abundant, free and limitless, however it is the trapping of the ego that make us feel unworthy and trapped.

Every day I see how amazing home schooling is and how it really supports the connection to and expression of Free Spirit. The world needs authenticity and inspiration, which has not been controlled, contrived, shaped and formed.

It needs our Free Spirit, our love

Saluting the sun
Artist, healer, author and founder of the free spirit network, Hannah Hardy and one of her twins beautiful Citrine











Hannah Hardy is an artist, author, healer and founder of The Free Spirit Network

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