Rebirthing package


Are you ready to release any self sabotaging patterns through time and space to allow you to live your highest potential?

Hannah will lovingly support this transformation process through her bespoke powerful sacred healing tools


Re-birthing package

Live your highest potential


Hannah guides you to rebirth into the highest version of yourself with deep bespoke divination healing work. She supports to clear your energy field of patterns that no longer serve through time and space.

Through her unique skills and wisdom Hannah is in direct conversation with your higher self and your higher self guides Hannah to perform sacred healing rituals which may include;

*past life regression and healing

*soul retrieval

*discovering your souls purpose

*removing foreign energy

*Optimal dimension balance

*ancestral healing

*removal of self sabotaging patterns

*connection to your spirit guides who may include power animals, angels, ascended masters, star families and the elemental realm.

Hannah ensures that you are not harbouring any self sabotaging patterns before she commences the sacred healing work. This ensures that the work is done in the highest safety and for the highest good. Your bespoke session with Hannah may include sacred tools such as;

*OHB kinesiology

*shamanic wisdom

*resonance from plant medicine and crystals.

The session will be held via video call (skype), and will last 2 hours for new clients and 1h 30 for returning clients. You will also receive two weeks follow up email support

The sacred re-birthing package is for you if you are ready to step into your highest potential, to be of the highest service to yourself, mother earth and the greater collective at this pivotal time in universal history and invest in your highest path.

Reach out to Hannah to request booking your re-birthing experience.

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  1. hannah

    August 20, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    I have been integrating the deeply healing treatment and wow! what a powerful healer you are. I feel so grateful and blessed to share with you. Thank you lovely one. G.C

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