The rainbow path of miracles


Welcome to the Rainbow path of Miracles!

Are you ready to embody your highest potential, to bring your heaven to earth- to create miracles?

Hannah embodies The Rainbow Bridge, the path which merges the physical and spiritual realms. Hannah guides with compassion to support others to release patterns which no longer serve through time and space, which can be connections from past life, ancestral or collective patterns, to return to their free spirit. Creating the space for miracles Hannah enables them to fulfil their soul purpose as free spirits. Hannah holds powerful one to one sessions supporting the spirit back to alignment, freedom and connecting with their highest spiritual guides. Hannah is an author of the acclaimed book Where the Fairies, Angels and Goddesses hide, she is an artist and singer in the group Les Reves, founder of The Free Spirit Healing Centre, Network and School and is mother to four children!



Above: Hannah holding a Free Spirit Healing Ceremony at Mangreen Spiritual centre UK

In her Global Free Spirit Rainbow Circle ceremonies Hannah guides the sacred Rainbow Circle to reconnect with their free spirit through powerful healing meditation and ritual. Hannah supports the rainbow circle in ceremony with the sacred guidance of the highest guides of angels, ascended masters and indigenous elders. As The Rainbow Bridge, Hannah playfully and powerfully guides others to fully shine their light to be of highest service to themselves, the wider collective and the earth at this pivotal time, thus embodying what has come to be known as the warriors of the rainbow light, the rainbow prophesy.

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Hannah creates healing public artwork, is a qualified holistic practitioner and is founder of The Free Spirit Network and the groundbreaking and visionary The Free Spirit School  supporting the avatars of tomorrow

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Discover Hannah’s groundbreaking book Where the Fairies, Angels and Goddesses hide

The Free Spirit Healing Meditations

We will be Free

Inspired by the Indigenous Rainbow Prophesies, that we are in the time when the visionaries, ‘the rainbow warriors’ will return to restore peace to the earth, Hannah created We will be Free to uplift and inspire the rainbow warrior within us all