Meet Hannah

Powerful clearings that will support you to be free to live your infinite potential

Many people say that they feel ‘re-birthed’ after a healing, that they are transformed. I feel so blessed to assist others in their journey, to support them in remembering their infinite power, living their highest potential on all levels and that they can spread their light and bliss to others.


‘I remember being about 4 years old, standing outside in the spiritual centre of Walsingham whilst my brother and sister ran around with friends. I remember the stillness I felt within me as I was absorbed by the warm golden sunset, in the perfection of that moment I knew the depth of experience, that I was connected to all things through all times, and that peace and beauty was the only real truth’


Hannah’s Journey

Hannah has been aware of her spirituality and wholeness from an early age, with out of body experiences beginning from when she was just 2 years old. Her family was not spiritual or religious and Hannah began to realise that not everyone could see within other people or effect things directly with their energy. Her brother tells a story of when she was a baby in a pram, an old wise prophet told them that she had special spiritual gifts.  

It was only when her beloved cat was about to be put to sleep by a vet in France and Hannah healed the cat through sending him pure love, that she realised that her purpose in this life was to heal and awaken others to be in the flow of unconditional love and reawaken to their highest potential. 

Since this time Hannah has gathered many rich and diverse tools in her creative healing practice, but at the base of this is her connection to love.


‘If you can imagine going to a still lake with a pebble in your hand, and throwing that pebble into the lake. What happens? The impact of the pebble on the water creates an expanding ripple. The old paradigm of healing was to look at the outer ripples, whereas with energy healing, it is to look at the centre point of impact where the pebble has hit the water. As we bring into balance this centre point to create harmony and the highest potential, this pattern will adjust all the ripples through time and space into perfect alignment’




Hannah’s healing work encompasses her tender and dynamic healing art work which she exhibits internationally. Hannah is founder of The Free Spirit Network, which supports whole being through creative expression. Hannah is also founder of The Free Spirit School supporting the avatars of tomorrow

Hannah’s healing work is based at The Free Spirit Centre which is located along the beautiful North Norfolk coast in the UK and she works supporting clients internationally. Hannah works one to one with clients and holds Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation Ceremonies

Through Hannah’s powerful healing work she supports you in remembering love, peace and trust which effects all that you are, taking you back to live your highest potential. In this ‘re-birthing’ she re-awakens you to your authentic truth and connection to the infinite.

It is Hannah’s pleasure to spread her light to enable you to spread your sparkle!